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Focus on building the next generation of products and experiences for the smart home. Yonomi takes care of the rest.

Yonomi IoT Platform


Yonomi Thin Cloud

Introducing a first of its kind. A lightweight, serverless solution for device makers to get their products to market quickly and securely—without vendor lock-in.

APIs for Your Devices & Users

The popular Yonomi app platform's robust user and device management components are now available as a lightweight framework for device manufacturers. Enable these features in your products without having to reinvent the wheel.


Flexible User Roles

Empower your product's users with pluggable authentication, invitation controls, and customizable access.


Device Lifecycle Management

Thin Cloud provides all of the tools necessary to enable secure device communication, commissioning, provisioning, and delivery of firmware updates.

Management Tools 

Stay on top of the health of devices in the field. Your customer support and engagement can leverage real time analysis and historical logging.

Thin Cloud provides dashboards, alerts, and webhooks.


Enterprise Grade

We designed Thin Cloud with the most modern, lightweight, and cost effective architecture techniques to ensure that the cloud will perform and scale robustly, but won’t turn your business model upside down.



It's critical that your products consume cloud resources as efficiently as possible. The Thin Cloud serverless framework ensures that you never pay for resources you don't use.



You don't have to use proprietary end-to-end solutions to achieve industry best security. Thin Cloud's pluggability allows you to choose the best chipset, cipher suite, and certificate management to suit you.


 “Our partnership with Yonomi allows us to provide the flexibility that consumers demand, with the quality that they expect from Schlage.”

Rob Martens

Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships

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Flexible Licensing

Yonomi Thin Cloud offers unparalleled flexibility with the option to either purchase the source or to deploy as a Platform-as-a-Service. Cost is fixed, so there’s no "success tax" when your product becomes widely used.



Have Yonomi deploy and manage Thin Cloud on your behalf, 24/7, 365 days a year. Take over anytime you want.


Source Code

You can purchase the source code for Thin Cloud if you wish. No vendor lock-in or dependency on a third party.

Expand Your Product's Ecosystem

Working with partners is important to a connected device strategy. Thin Cloud provides all of the hooks you’ll need to integrate with voice assistants and other third party platforms.

Yonomi Thin Cloud offers built-in integration with the Yonomi smart home app, which means device manufacturers can immediately work with 60 of the most popular devices.

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